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3 September 2020 14:00-15:45

System and Digital Transformations - Innovation for today's industries

Transformation processes can be described as some change in behavior which is intended to alter the desired outcome. Organizations can also go through transformation processes, just like individuals. Usually, organizations will have a change in goal or  organizational mission that will trigger for a transformation process to occur. As a VC, the most prevalent transformative areas we are seeing today relate to how industry is using current technologies to transform themselves to become more efficient, more agile, improve quality and to enable new business models all while reducing costs  and becoming more environmentally friendly. For example, Industry 4.0 technologies such as simulation, AI, additive manufacturing, automation and robotics, IoT and big data/analytics are transforming industries across the globe. 

Welcome to a session with focus on the innovations of today's industries. You will meet Tanya Marvin-Horowtiz, Partner at Butterfly Ventures and Sandor Albrecht, Senior Project Manager at RISE. You will also get the chance to listen to four companies from Butterfly Ventures portfolio.

14.00 Welcome
14.10-14:15 Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, Butterfly Ventures
14.15-14.35 Sandor Albrecht, Wallenberg Launch Pad, RISE incl. Q&A
14.35- 14.55 Jonas Ekmark, Head of Business & Strategy, Zenuity incl. Q&A
14.55 -15.00 Intro Butterfly portfolio companies

15.00-15.10 Company 1 EmbeDL
Efficient Deep Learning in Embedded Systems, EmbeDL, with their award winning technology, help customers develop optimized Deep Learning powered products and enables a new wave of intelligent products.

15.10-15.20 Company 2 Ladimo
Using computer vision technology developed at Aalto University in Finland, LAdimo is designed to become the worlds most accurate 3D Sensor for Autonomous driving (Future Cockpit interior monitoring), Industrial Automation and Robotics applications.

15.20-15.30 Company 3 Intelecy
Intelecy is disrupting the way analytics are being applied to industrial production. Intelecy provides machine learning and predictive analytics and is uniquely positioned to make use of the real-time data captured by industrial process automation solutions.

15.30-15.40 Company 4 Geyser Batteries
The Patent Pending ECR technology developed by the compan is a new class of high-performance batteries based on proprietary water-based electrochemistry. Low-CAPEX and a low-carbon footprint for its automated production. Large market opportunity with applications in the renewable grid structure, electric vehicles and machines.

15.40-15.45 Summary
15.45-16.00 Mingle

This is a digital event.

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Jonas Ekmark
Head of Business at ZTWO Company

Jonas started his career at SAAB Automobile in Trollhättan, Sweden, in 1985. He joined the Volvo Car Corporation in 1994, responsible for its first application of Electronic Stability Control. Then he engaged in development of Automatic Emergency Braking where he led the pre-development activities for the ground-breaking features City Safety and Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Braking. Jonas started research activities in the self-driving area and co-conceived the "SAfe Road TRains for the Environment" program that focused on self-driving through platooning. Jonas has held line management as well as technical specialist positions in Volvo Cars during a 22-year employment. The joint venture Zenuity was stated in 2017 between Volvo cars and Autoliv to focus on software development for Automated Driving and Active Safety. Jonas lead activities related to early technology development, innovation and and research in Zenuity. It was split between the owners in July 2020, and ZTWO Company is the part fully owned by Volvo Cars. It comprises about 600 heads focused on bringing software for unsupervised self-driving on the roads. Jonas is leading New Tech department and currently also acting in a role as VP Business for ZTWO Company.

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Tanya Marvin-Horowitz
Partner at Butterfly Ventures

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Sandor Albrecht
Senior Project Manager at RISE

Sandor Albrecht is a community builder and change driver. He ispassionate about innovation and technology incubation.Currently, he is at the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation andRISE Computer Science, that means he works with people thatexplore new ways of connecting human beings, industries andtechnologies, all in the pursuit of making it more secure andenjoyable to work and live in a sustainable world.

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